Clarify Genetics

A non-profit initiative of the Center for Genomic Interpretation

Positive Predictive Value Calculator

Freely available calculators to help providers and patients understand the positive and negative predictive values of genetic testing.

The calculators allow users to adjust various inputs and estimates to explore the variability in genetic test accuracy in their specific setting.


Remote Internship Program

Remote experiential learning with mentorship from seasoned clinical genetic professionals helps students prepare to contribute meaningfully in genetics, biotechnology and medical careers.

The Center for Genomic Interpretation provides engaging projects for Bachelor undergraduates, Masters, PhD, MD and beyond to research and publish. Our remote design allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate with CGI.


Project Heritage

Expecting parents can face difficult decisions when confronted with a genetic test result indicating their child is likely to have a serious genetic condition.

Project Heritage is designed to help these expecting parents understand the value and limitations of fetal genetic test results, such as Noninvasive Prenatal Tests/Screens (NIPT or NIPS). Additional counseling services and peer support for learning about the joys and challenges of raising children with special needs are provided through the Center for Genomic Interpretation and its nonprofit partners for absolutely no cost.