Lawsuit Revelation: Accurate Variant Classification Is Difficult

Nov 12, 2020 | News

Dr. Julie Eggington, Co-founder and CGI CEO, was asked by the press to comment on the outcomes of the Williams v Quest/Athena variant classification lawsuit:

“Experts acknowledged…that variant classification remains a growing source of lab liability that the genetic testing field must address. Julie Eggington, a variant classification scientist and CEO of the Center for Genomic Interpretation, a non-profit that aims to bring more transparency and accuracy in genomic testing, has seen plenty of questionable practices across hospitals and labs. Amid rapid growth in the genetic testing industry in recent years, many labs are doing a poor job of classifying variants, in Eggington’s view, because they aren’t investing in hiring the right experts, and even when they are, variant classification scientists are not being given the proper time or tools to do their jobs.”

Original Article:

Quest Diagnostics Win in Wrongful Death Case Reveals Ongoing Challenges for Variant Classification

Nov 12, 2020

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